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Medical device design that starts with the needs of patients and knowledge of our customers.

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DJMed is an Austrian, privately held medical device and equipment company.  In 2017, our strategy and people helped us deliver another strong year of financial results and earn awards as a great place to work. Through collaboration and innovative technologies we continued to deliver on our mission.

Management Policy

We have made it our basic policy to conduct business in a proper and efficient manner and increase corporate value by securing a healthy profit through contributions to the development of medical care in Australia, with the end goal of bringing benefits to all stakeholders.

DJMed is a global provider of products and services that contribute to “Medical safety”, “Medical Efficiency”, and “Improving Quality of Life” for patients. To this end, we have promoted an optimally located global production system by expanding production bases and reorganizing our production system to bring to the market products that address medical needs with pinpoint accuracy at a competitive price.

Developing products that can contribute to “Medical safety and efficiency” and “Improving Quality of Life”

We will continue developing and bringing product to Australian market. Products for facilitating hospital and in-home treatment and care to contribute to “Medical Efficiency”.

Production streamlining

Our investments in R&D will enable us to accommodate increasing demand for medical devices both at home and overseas. At the same time, an efficient logistic structure is to be built and maintained to deliver safe and secure products to patients and healthcare workers in our markets.

Initiatives for business deployment

Given the varying selection criteria in Australian regions, we will tap into its product strengths and technological expertise to actively deliver medical equipment that suits the medical needs of individual countries.

Business Risks

Medical institutions, which are the users of our group products, are facing an increasingly tough business environment due to a decline in official medical service remunerations and health insurance payouts under the government’s policy to reduce healthcare spending. This has intensified price competition, and applied a downward pressure on our products’ market prices.

Our group produces medical devices at our overseas bases in Germany, Indonesia, China, South Korea and Pakistan. Any unexpected changes in laws and regulations or political upheaval in these countries could deal an adverse impact on our group’s business performance and fiscal status.

In addition to the above mentioned economic risks, country risks and legal risks, a major event such as an act of terrorism, war or extraordinary natural phenomenon could have an adverse effect on the companys business performance and fiscal status.

Risk Management

In order to control risk that could significantly affect our business our management monitors and implements work initiatives to mitigate risk impact. Various activities for ensuring legal compliance and market forses are continuously carried out.

Outlook for the future

The environment surrounding Australian health sector expected to increase in competitiveness more than ever due to intensifying competition with manufacturers from many countries, even as the medical and aged care market continues to expand fueled by economic growth.

In Australia, demand for advanced medical care and other high-cost medical services is expanding, but conditions are expected to remain harsh due to continued efforts to restrain medical spending against the background of the rise in medical expenses accompanying growth in the elderly population and the heavier burden it will place on national finances.

Through 2018-2019 DJMed is expecting to see a significant growth year on year due to heavy investments made in to R&D, people and technology in 2016-2017.