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    DJMed Orthotic Shoe Insoles

    Full length orthotic shoe insole.

    Arch support addressing arch problems and over pro-nation. Available in unisex sizing 36 – 47.

    Trim to fit.

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    Therapeutic grade orthothic arch support increases stability and reduces pain while remaining flexible and comfortable. Protects against the pain and fatigue associated extended periods of standing on hard flooring, during vigorous activity and those suffering from conditions induced by flat feet.

    Ergonomic shape minimises sideways twisting for extra stability, security and correctly balanced foot pressure.

    The thinner sole front allows, more space, a less cramped feeling in narrower shoes. Trim to fit sizing allows you to trim your insole for closest fit to your shoe.

    Suitable for many types of footwear including athletic, casual footwear, sports shoes, work shoes or boots for consistent comfort and protection.

    Light weight, breathable base design improves airflow allowing the foot to stay cool dry, odour and bacteria free.


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    Spot clean with a mild detergent. Do not immerse in water. Air dry only


    • Choose the Stamina insole closest to your shoe size.
    • If your Stamina insole requires trimming, always trim your insoles to be one size bigger than expected, test, then trim further if needed.
    • Wear new Stamina Insoles for few hours per day only to begin with until feet are accustomed to the improved support. Feet are very sensitive and need time to adjust to even the smallest changes.