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    DJMed Toe Separators With Loop

    Soft cushioning gel is gentle on sensitive foot conditions, assists with straightening overlapping toes and improves toe alignment.

    Includes 3 pairs: 2 small, 2 medium, 2 large.

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    DJMed toe separators with loop protect the area between the toes and gently align uneven or overlapping toes.

    Toe separators with toe loop are suitable for use inside enclosed footwear like sport shoes, work shoes, dress shoes.

    Made with closed cell gel material so they do not absorb or breed bacteria, making this a sanitary environment for healing.

    Gel toe separators with loop are made with hypoallergenic soft gel, making these suitable for diabetic foot care and sensitive foot situations including nail conditions, recurring blisters, calluses, hammer toe, corns, claw toe, bunions, over lapping toes, toe arthritis and other sensitive conditions.

    Each pack includes three sizes fitting larger to smaller toes.

    Warm gental hand wash with warm soapy water and air dry for a bacteria and odour free environment.